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IITF AT NEW DELHI :It refers to 35th India International Trade Fair (IITF) at New Delhi to be started on 14.11.2015. IITF is an annual feature for 14 days from 14th November attracting large crowds from all over the country with initial some days reserved for ‘business-visitors’. Authorities should increase duration of this fair to at least 30 days with increased timings from 8 am till 10 pm to co-op with ever-increasing rush at the fair. Rather fair-timings can be increased till midnight in case Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) agrees to increase trip timings accordingly till late after midnight.


The fair now being in continuance for last 34 years has been restricted to same limited space for same duration of just two weeks for ten hours daily where general visitors are not allowed for a substantial time devoted for ‘business-hours’, that too with general visitors having access to the fair for just a week or so.  Population and also otherwise people coming to fair have increased manifolds in last three decades. Increasing number of days and daily timings will scatter the rush allowing people to enjoy the fair in a more useful manner, apart from utilizing funds spent on the fair more appropriately. 


Thought should also be given to hold IITF in different metro cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai every year in different months of the year for one month in each city for benefit of all.



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