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Make annexure to NN Vohra committee on politician-criminal nexus public (see attachments)

It refers to media-reports indicating arrest of Chhota Rajan in Bali (Indonesia). But real need is to track most wanted Dawood Ibrahim who is most reliably hiding in Pakistan.


Central government in the year 1993 consequent to infamous Mumbai bomb-lasts had set up NN Vohra committee on politician-criminal nexus whose findings were made public. But the then Congress-led central government obtained a stay-order from Supreme Court in the year 1996 against making public annexure to NN Vohra committee report. Annexure are believed to contain names of some leading Indian politicians having nexus with dreaded criminals. However 13-page report was made public.


Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was directed by Central Information Commission (CIC) vide its verdict dated 10.05.2012 in appeal-number CIC/SS/A/2012/000055 for making public annexure to NN Vohra committee report. But MHA vide its communication dated 27.06.2012 denied any such annexure being on record. If there were no such annexure, then how and why the then central government obtained stay-order against making the said documents public?


BJP-led central government now in power should take steps to get the stay-order of Apex Court vacated, and make public annexure to NN Vohra committee report on politician-criminal nexus to expose Indian politicians having links with criminals for their selfish interests. Enquiry should also be made in case these documents are really missing from MHA records. Committee-head NN Vohra can confirm if he handed over annexure to the then central government.



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