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CIC-website with advanced features: Griviance-portal should also be incorporated

It refers to welcome revelation by Central Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad about an advanced appeal/complaint (appcom) locator system being available on CIC-website by mid-2016 to make RTI process hassle-free and effective apart from developing a user-friendly online registration form and notifying the complainant/appellant about exact status from time to time. On the other hand, it will enable the CIC-staff to manage files at all levels and empowering it to conduct effective registration. It will also serve as a storehouse for decisions announced by various commissioners. An integrated web portal of CIC will also be developed as part of the locator system to fetch and provide information.


New CIC-website should also incorporate a portal on lines of wherein users may lodge their feedback/complaints/suggestions/submissions etc on providing a registration-number to be responded in a time-bound period. Such a provision will reduce largely number of RTI petitions being filed at CIC. Rather CIC should ask DoPT to make it compulsory for every public-authority (central and states) to incorporate such a portal on their individual websites to reduce number of petitions filed against public authorities at CIC because experience can prove that many of petitions handled at CIC by Commissioners are because petitioners take RTI route as some Griviance-redress mechanism. Such a provision at websites of all public authorities is of utmost importance till Griviance-Redress-Bill is legislated by Parliament.



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