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States and competent authorities do not care for DoPT circulars for harmony in RTI fees (see attachments)

It refers to Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) issuing yet other circular No. 1/5/2011-IR dated 10.07.2015 to Chief Secretaries of all states & Union Territories and registrar of High Courts & Supreme Court desiring them to follow DoPT rules about RTI fees and copying charges to be fixed at rupees ten and rupees two per page respectively. Present circular was necessitated because of non-compliance of earlier similar DoPT circular No.F.1/5/2011-IR dated 26.04.2011. But even thereafter many High Courts and states even ruled by the ruling party at the centre are not complying with DoPT repeated circulars requiring harmony in RTI fees etc.


Only recently First Appellate Authority at General administration Department of Chhatisgarh government vide its order dated 30.09.2015 dismissed a first appeal because of non-submitting of fees for filing first appeal which are against RTI Act, rules and DoPT circulars in this regard. Even Public Information Officer or registrar of First Appellate Authority never intimated requirement of any such fees for filing first appeal. DoPT should ask state-government to follow DoPT rules in this regard desiring fresh disposal of the said first appeal by its General administration Department (GAD). It is noteworthy that First Appellate Authority while recording absence of the appellant at time of hearing did not deliberately brought on record written request of appellant to decide appeal on merit of written submissions.



Attachments: 1, 2 and 3

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